What is an escape game ?

This is a team-based investigation game in which you have a limited amount of time to solve a series of enigmas in an original, immersive setting.

Can we use our mobile phone or bring any other personal items to the game ?

No, you will not be able to bring personal items into the game rooms. Lockers with padlocks are available for you to store all your belongings.

What happens if you get stuck during a game ?

A Game Master will follow your progress throughout the game and will be available to help you via various means of communication that vary between each of our games.

Is it possible to leave the game room during the game ?

Of course, you can press the emergency buttons at any time to get out of the room, but this also stops the game.

The Game Master is there to listen to you throughout the game, and can get you out at any time.

What is the minimum age to take part in an escape game ?

We recommend that you are at least 10 years old to play our games.

How can I book ?

Bookings for all our activities, with the exception of games in the monuments, can be made either via our website or by telephone on 04 66 700 700.

Games in the monuments can be booked directly at the ticket office of each monument.

For large groups, please contact us by e-mail (escape@telebleue.fr) or by telephone on 04 66 700 700.

What can you do if you don't know exactly how many people will be taking part ?

You can always book your escape game with a minimum number of participants, and extra people can pay directly on the spot.

Of course, the number of players must not exceed the limit of the desired game.

What are the different payment methods ?

For our city surveys, you can either pay in advance by credit card on our website, or complete or pay in full by cash directly on site.

For our indoor activities, you can pay by credit card, cash or holiday vouchers.

You can also use the culture pass and the Occ'Ygène card.

How do you offer someone an escape game session ?

You can buy gift cards on our website or directly at our premises in Garons.

You can then print your gift card, send it by e-mail or give the physical gift box to the person of your choice.

How long is a gift card valid for ?

Télé Bleue gift cards are valid for two years and for all our activities except games in monuments.

Can our company organise an event at Télé Bleue ?

Yes, it is entirely possible to organise a Team Building day at the Télé Radio Bleue offices in Garons. You can even hire our meeting room, be accompanied by a senior consultant and even have a snack consisting of mini-mignardises with coffee, fruit juice and organic tea.

You can also carry out a survey in the city with your colleagues, which can involve up to several hundred people.

It is also possible to organise a tailor-made game on the theme of your choice and in a unique location, which could even be your company.


Temple of Caesar

5 rue Notre Dame, 30000 Nîmes

: Wednesday to Saturday, 10am - 8pm



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